Our Data-Driven Healthcare Ecosystem

Our ecosystem consists of Health Tech, Managed Care Platforms, Medicare Advantage Health Plan and Life Sciences.

We build evidence-based therapeutic interventions driven by technology to prevent, manage, or treat disease. We deliver these outcomes through our three strategic delivery platforms.

managed care

Our Managed Healthcare platforms include a Direct Contracting Entity (DCE) committed to improving the health of Seniors.


Functioning as a Healthcare Payer provides incredible breadth of data coverage. The traditional siloes of data and information are unlocked, and we pool them into our Data Warehouse and Data Lake (our aggregate Data Asset), covering claims, clinical data, laboratory, and now GENOME data. The Data Asset is used to build predictive models that we leverage to impact outcomes. Using our Data Asset, AI Models and Telehealth, we’ve been able to:

  • Reduce avoidable hospitalizations
  • Perform scalable, efficient remote patient monitoring for chronic conditions
  • More efficiently complete diabetic eye exams
  • Provide personalized medication management
  • Improve medication adherence
  • Execute more meaningfully on screening initiatives


We look inside the human blueprint, to make sure that humans realize their full potential. Discovery Genomics performs pharmacogenetic, whole genome, and in the near future, tumor sequencing.

Through our sister companies, we can access longitudinal histories, medication, and even pedigree information that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.