Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, & ERP Systems

Excelera is a network of healthcare providers empowered by ERP systems,
a centralized database for streamlining business processes, and utilizing Artificial Intelligence (Ai) to analyze complex data sets.

How Excelera uses AI

AI in medicine is used in the diagnosis and treatment of patients who require care.
While diagnosis and treatment may seem like simple steps, there are many other background processes that must take place in order for a patient to be properly taken care of. 

Examples of Ai Capabilities

  • Gathering of data through visits and lab tests
  • Processing and analyzing gathered data
  • Using multiple sources of data to come to an accurate diagnosis
  • Establishing an appropriate treatment method
  • Administering & delivering the chosen treatment
  • Continuous patient monitoring
  • Aftercare, Home care, follow-up visits

Excelera Data Assets


Claims Data


EHR Data


Clinical Data


Self-Reported Data / Remote Patient Monitoring


Socio-Economic Data


Genetic Data